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Mark & Shannon met many years ago, their love for each other and the community has given them opportunity to grow beyond Montgomery, TX and expand throughout the Greater Houston Area. They both enjoy spending time with their kids (human & animal) and family. Moving is just one of the many passions they possess.

Daily Life at the McWilliams House

“Answering phones and booking moves all day, every day. The job never stops or takes a vacation, although we need one at times! I wouldn’t trade working with my husband for anything in the world. Its the best feeling knowing i get to spend every day working alingside my best friend and soulmate.” said Shannon

I always envisioned my wife working with me so when I convinced Shannon to work full time with M&M Moving Company and she agreed I was aesthetic! Owning our own company allows us to have all the freedom to spend taking care of our kids and the financial freedom to expand and make some of my dreams a reality! I love to invent contraptions to help better all our lives and make it easier for daily living.“ said Mark